An academy (Attic Greek: Ἀκαδήμεια; Koine Greek Ἀκαδημία) is an institution of secondary education or higher learning, research, or honorary membership. The name traces back to Plato's school of philosophy, founded approximately 385 BC at Akademia, a sanctuary of Athena, the goddess of wisdom and skill, north of Athens, Greece.

The original Academy

Before Akademia was a school, and even before Cimon enclosed its precincts with a wall, it contained a sacred grove of olive trees dedicated to Athena, the goddess of wisdom, outside the city walls of ancient Athens. The archaic name for the site was Hekademia, which by classical times evolved into Akademia and was explained, at least as early as the beginning of the 6th century BC, by linking it to an Athenian hero, a legendary "Akademos". The site of Akademia was sacred to Athena and other immortals.

Plato's immediate successors as "scholarch" of Akademia were Speusippus (347–339 BC), Xenocrates (339–314 BC), Polemon (314–269 BC), Crates (ca. 269–266 BC), and Arcesilaus (ca. 266–240 BC). Later scholarchs include Lacydes of Cyrene, Carneades, Clitomachus, and Philo of Larissa ("the last undisputed head of the Academy"). Other notable members of Akademia include Aristotle, Heraclides Ponticus, Eudoxus of Cnidus, Philip of Opus, Crantor, and Antiochus of Ascalon.

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UK can expect thousands of Covid deaths every year, warn scientists

The Observer 01 Aug 2021
“We are going to see problems with Covid for a long time,” said Prof Adam Finn of Bristol University ... These worries were highlighted last month by the Academy of Medical Sciences in its report Covid-19 ... “We are going to go into this winter and start mixing again in ways that we didn’t do last year,” said Dame Anne Johnson, president of the academy ... ....

Is Covid-19 on the run in the UK?

The Observer 01 Aug 2021
These fears were highlighted last month by the Academy of Medical Sciences in its report, Covid-19 ... “We are going to go into this winter and start mixing again in ways that we didn’t do last year,” said Dame Anne Johnson, president of the academy....

Fewer people are dying but we still need to worry about long Covid

Metro UK 01 Aug 2021
... or suspected Covid-19 report ongoing symptoms lasting more than several weeks or months ... The Academy of Medical Sciences, in a report commissioned by Patrick Vallance, estimated a summer peak of perhaps 20,000 people with new Covid-19 infections developing long Covid every day....

Students learn traditional music

Kuensel 31 Jul 2021
Staff Reporter ... Seven senior artistes from the academy taught more than 40 students, one each from the schools in Thimphu thromde, to play flute, bass lute, dulcimer, and fiddle....

Looking back: This past week's headlines

Moosejaw Today 31 Jul 2021
City finished 2020 with operating deficit near $200,000, report shows ... Little League Miller Express to face Quebec’s Diamond Academy in exhibition contest ... Klassen joins Prairie Hockey Academy as new head coach of U15 Prep team. Police investigating two reports of sexual assault that occurred within the last few months....

Missing Bacon Academy graduate located Friday

Hartford Courant 31 Jul 2021
A Colchester man who was reported missing Monday ... Family of Kyle Wright reported the 2020 Bacon Academy graduate missing on Monday....

Police investigate shots fired on Colonial Avenue, recover shell casings

Daily Advance 31 Jul 2021
Gunshots fired (and six shell casings and one .45 caliber bullet seized) were reported July 17 in the 500 block of Colonial Avenue, Elizabeth City ... Driving under the influence was reported July 17 in the 800 block of N ... Larceny and breaking & entering were reported July 9 in the 100 block of Academy Street, South Mills....

KCC offers police academy training

The Daily Reporter 30 Jul 2021
Kellogg Community College is seeing fewer applicants applying for the college's Police Academy ... “Pretty much everybody that goes through our academy actually has a full-time job.” ... The 20 other police academies in Michigan, including one run by the Michigan State Police, also report lower numbers of applicants....

Could the Tre White Goalie Academy help the Sabres and 'Mr. Terry'?

The Buffalo News 30 Jul 2021
White showed up for his news conference at Bills training camp Friday wearing an Academy of Hockey warmup. The operator of the fictional Tre White Goalie Academy, White said he joked with "Mr ... Your subscription makes our reporting possible ... The academy has its T-shirts and its own social media accounts....

Historically Speaking: Fr. Daniel Murphy left his mark on Dover

Fosters 30 Jul 2021
Joseph's Academy, primarily a boys' school, but similar to the arrangement at Sacred Heart some space was made available for girls who lived at the North end of town ... Mary's Academy ... Joseph's Academy building became known as the Grimes apartments at 581 Central with a grocery store owned by the Grimes family on the street level....

Moderna, Pfizer set to expand COVID-19 vaccine study for children under 12 years old

WPTV 30 Jul 2021
The American Academy of Pediatrics, drawing on data posted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, is tracking the progress in vaccinating U.S ... The report will be updated on the American Academy of Pediatrics website every Friday. As of July 7, the AAP report finds that 8.5 million U.S....

No, social workers don’t do better than cops at mental-health response

New York Post 30 Jul 2021
Now the mayor’s office has put out its first report on the program to a glowing, but misleading, reception in the media ... Unfortunately, a closer look at the data reported by the mayor’s office suggests a deck stacked for B-HEARD’s success ... Instructors go over a crisis intervention training lesson at the NYPD Police Academy.AP....

St. Louis County Board to hire mentors “to reengage students”

Mesabi Daily News 30 Jul 2021
In Eveleth, students at the East Range Academy of Technology & Science (ERATS) reported having a tough time adapting to different modes of learning ... In total, the county reports at least 22,551 students in 107 schools in 22 districts....